New Video!

Kansas folks had a peace workshop and photo-exhibit on October 13-15. This is a video of rally & arrests in opposition to military air show.

Video hosted by DEADLY IMPACT: The New Uranium Weapons Threat Blog site arising from efforts to halt use and production of uranium weapons and depleted uranium munitions (DU) and their deadly contamination.

11 New Photos

Takashi Morizumi took photos during the most recent Iraq
conflict, and he has added 11 new photos to the exhibition. To get more
information on obtaining these photos, contact Kyoko Kawashima at

Read comments from people who have viewed the exhibition.

For a report from Morizumi on his latest trip to Iraq:

Cost of the War in Iraq
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Latest report from Lauren Moret.

Children of the Gulf War US Tour Project aims to draw attention to the devastation of the war and economic sanctions against Iraq. We are organizing an exhibition of the works of the Japanese anti-nuclear photojournalist Takashi Morizumi. His works convey the real. yet hidden. human and environmental prices being paid by the people of Iraq.

The first U.S. photo exhibit was launched at the Berkeley Main Library in November 2002. Our goal is to exhibit through various communities around the country.

The photo exhibit also exposes the the devastation caused by DU - depleted uranium weapons on people and the environment around the world. We are working to ban DU weapons by showing the horrible effects on the civilians and veterans of this new type of nuclear war.

The Children of the Gulf War US Tour Project is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are working with organizations in Atlanta, Georgia and Hiroshima, Japan.

To view our information in Japanese, click here:

Please Help

We need donations to buy more sets of photos to show in exhibitions around the United States. These exhibitions have had a big effect on the people who have viewed them. To donate, click here.


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