Who is

Takashi Morizumi?

Takashi Morizumi is a photojournalist who covers topics in Japan and overseas such as the effects of US military bases and environmental problems. In particular, since the later half of the 90s, he has covered the damages caused by nuclear mining, testing, power plants, and the use of depleteted uranium and other nuclear weapons.

Takashi has been documenting the children of Iraq since 1998. He has observed the effects of the U.S. government blockade: no medical supplies, malnourished children, weakened children dying in large numbers, and the alarming increase in leukemia, cancer, and physical deformities. To read Takashi's introduction to his book Children of the Gulf War, click here.

Takashi has combined approximately 50 of his photos of Iraq into an exhibition that is being shown around the world.

"I hope to show to many people a view of the things happening around the world that I have been investigating. In the 21st century, where is the world heading? Can mankind's intelligence lead us to a bright future? I want you to keep thinking positively."

(Takashi Morizumi at a demonstration in San Francisco with members of the Children of the Gulf War US Tour Project.)

For further information about Takashi Morizumi, visit his Japanese language web site at http://www.morizumi-pj.com/.








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